Transportation & Vehicles

construction vehicles


Highly reliable and accurate sensors keep your operations on track, helping to prevent premature failures and costly downtime.  From brake, hydraulic and pneumatic systems to HVAC/R controls, we have the right solutions to satisfy demanding requirements. Whitman is frequently used in train brake systems.

Off Highway Vehicles (OHV)

An off-road vehicle is considered to be any type of vehicle which is capable of driving on and off paved or gravel surface, so from construction equipment to tractors. When vehicle performance and productivity need to be maximized, you require highly accurate and reliable instruments to prevent premature failure.  From load weighing and positioning to hydraulics, we have the right solutions. Severe environmental conditions, pressure spikes, and high vibration-they can stop sensitive instrumentation dead in its tracks. If that happens, you lose your lifeline to monitoring critical hydraulic, engine, load weighing and brake system pressures. Whether moving material, carrying massive loads or pushing a vehicle to the limit, you need rugged and reliable pressure gauges. Whitman switches can also measure oil pressure and liquid level. Our temperature probe is also useful in oil crank cases.

Hydraulic lifts

Hydraulic lifts are used on Vans and buses to load and unload people confined to wheelchairs. Public transportation, in many areas, is required to have this type of equipment. The Whitman's which is listed are used to control and disengage the hydraulic pressure when the hydraulic lift reaches the ground. At this time, the hydraulic system pressure could continue to build by causing the lift to act as a jack, lifting the side of the van or the bus. our switch prevents this from happening. Both the j7 05 and the J 205 are used in this application.

Fuel systems

The p-117 can be used in fuel systems to alert the operator in the event of low fuel pressure and also to confirm when the fuel pressure is up to proper level.

Automotive Test Equipment

The manufacturing of Automotive automatic transmissions requires extensive test equipment.  The test run with engines are done in test cells with very elaborate recording devices. Samples from the production line are taken on a regular basis and tested extensively. The test consist of cycling the engine speed from low to high RPM causing the automatic transmission to shift through the different gear Mages. Whitman switches are used to control cycling and count the Cycles performed. The j205 was picked to handle the over pressure surges that occur on a regular basis..

Snow Tiller

The ski trail tiller is used for grooming the snow by flattening and loosening hard packed snow and covering bare spots. As you might imagine, these vehicle seats have to rain and severe weather conditions. The j7 05 switch is used on the hydrostatic tiller transmission and is connected to lights in the vehicle cab. The light signals Aid the operator in controlling the depth of cut, fuel consumption, and duration of high oil pressure in the transmission.

Dock Leveler

A dock leveler operated hydraulically. The two functions of the dock leveler are to match the dock height to the trailer bed height and to lock the trailer in place to keep it from drifting away. It is in the second function that the Whitman controls j205 pressure switch is used when the pressure of the hydraulic leveling cylinder reaches a certain pressure, this which activates a power arm that locks the trailer to the leveler.

Automobile Body Fabrication

The product manufactured by this company is an automatic high pressure epoxy system, used in conjunction with a robot arm, for the Assembly of fiberglass automobile bodies. The two-part epoxy is dispensed through two separate lines. Each line has to Whitman controls p605 pressure switches to Signal when the system pressure drops below or rises above the specified limits. Since quick replacement, to limit down time, and switch adjustability are critical to the application the p605 with the m interface was chosen.