Critical Environment

Stringent health regulations and patient well-being requires that room pressurization be continuously monitored and controlled. From supply through exhaust air, our instruments assure accuracy and reliability to meet optimum system performance. Maintaining a safe operation is vitally important.  Without precise low pressure monitoring of isolation rooms, your system can place patient health at risk. From clean rooms to laboratories to hospitals, we have the right solutions.

Building Automation

Building automation is the automatic centralized control of a building's heating, ventilation and air conditioning, lighting and other systems through a building management system or building automation system. Whitman has air flow switches designed for HVAC and building automation applications. Switches can be used to regulate industrial fans, humidifiers, filters, and air ducts in both pressure and temperature regulation.


There are two primary chiller types: absorption and refrigerant. The two possess a significantly different cooling process. Absorption chillers use a heat source such as natural gas or steam to create a refrigeration cycle. Refrigerant chillers use mechanical compression and are the most common. A differential switch may be installed across a chiller and the set point adjusted to switch at a certain differential pressure.

Boilers & Burners

The operating control is the main control for the boiler. The limit control has the same responsibility as the operating control but with two distinct differences. The first is the set point. The set point for the limit control is set at a higher temperature or pressure than the operating control. Whitman pressure switches are very useful in this application. The low water cutoff is the leading mechanical cause of boiler accidents. The low water cutoff is mounted at an elevation that is above the lowest possible water level of the boiler. Liquid level switches are useful for this application. Some boilers require gas pressure switches to meet code compliance. The gas pressure switches are to verify that the gas pressure is within a safe range.  If the gas pressure is too low or too high, the burner will not operate correctly.

Refrigeration Systems

Refrigeration compressors run 24/7 and are designed to keep foods at safe storage temperatures.  Universal Mount Single Pressure Controls are available with SPDT and SPST switch types. They can help protect compressors against loss of refrigerant.

Cooling Systems

The computer industry offers many types and sizes of computers one of the largest is liquid cooled. The Whitman p117 is being used in the coolant water distribution  Center to check the gross flow of this system, by means of sensing the coolant pressure. These kinds of coolant systems can be used in nuclear reactors as well as within thermally heated homes.