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Pressure switches help govern truly critical machine subsystems. They are used to monitor fluid in braking, steering, transmission, suspension, and track-tensioning systems in all types of equipment—from civilian earth movers, mobile cranes, and mining machines to off-road military vehicles. On these machines, operator safety subsystems also rely on accurate, failure-proof pressure switching. Likewise, hydraulic auxiliary systems, such as buckets and backhoes, need pressure switching to run. In all of these applications, the wrong pressure switch can cause catastrophic damage or even endanger someone's life. We also have the most common military interfaces in stock.

Atomic Spectrometer

Atomic spectrometers are used by industry science and government to measure minute amounts of metallic elements in a sample the samples maybe bodily fluids Foods water Cleaning Solutions Etc. Gases are used for the burner to a demise the samples.

The switches used on this application monitor and control the gas flow and ensure that proper pressures are maintained. There are three switches per unit. The switch also incorporates the 1 amp gold contact switch, due to the low energy circuit employed by the manufacturer of this machine.