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We have had an exceptional professional relationship with Whitman Controls since we first started working with the company back in the mid 1990’s. We have most frequently purchased the J205 line of pressure switches, which have shown incredible versatility and durability across a number of our applications. The quality of the Whitman switches and their speed to executing on our specific requests is what separates the firm from competitors in the field. Customer service, from the sales team on new orders to the engineering team on discussing new designs, has always exceeded expectations.

Shaun Chapdelaine, National Field Technician, Airgas

Whitman Controls has been an excellent partner since we started working with the firm back in 2003. We have been frequent and consistent buyers of the W117, P119, J205, and J705 line of vacuum and pressure switches, as well as all manner of level switches, all of which have shown exceptional quality and exceeded our expectations. Whitman Controls outpaces peers in the quality of their switches, ability to meet customer needs quickly and efficiently, and by showing a strong commitment to superior service. There is an excellent working relationship between our two firms and we look forward to partnering with the Whitman family for many years in the future.

Senior Buyer, Auriema LTD

We have partnered with Whitman Controls for nearly 20 years, and a Whitman Vacuum switch was designed into our very first project. Since our initial interaction with the company, we have used a number of their switches in both our own OEM builds and several customer systems. The company prides itself on the quality of its products and a commitment to its customers, and we have always had a favorable experience.

Supply Chain Director, Leading Systems Integrator / Solutions Provider Design Firm

I was very impressed with the service that I received. I was very clear to me that I was important as a customer no matter if I was purchasing one piece or one thousand pieces. Good customer service hard to find these days. I was being told [competitors] don’t make it and there is nothing to replace it, or never have seen anything like that , to having tech support from the company that made the switch tell me they didn’t know how the one I have functions. When I called and spoke with Mike, after a couple of simple questions, Mike explained to me that he doesn’t have the one I have - but he does have one that will work for me and get the job done. He explained to me how to hook it up to do the job I need it to do. I went to make my order and sales made that process go smooth and for that I thank you both and it was a pleasure to do business with you all.

Chris Berthelot, Alternator Service Fort Worth TX

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