Whitman Controls Product Brochure

Whitman Controls 2022 Product Brochure


Pressure Switches Catalog

Pressure Switches

pressure vacuum online customer specification form

Pressure Transducers

pressure vacuum online customer specification form

Vacuum Switches

liquid level switch catalog

Liquid Level Switches

temperature level switch catalog

Vibrating Fork / Rod Level Switches

Level Transmitters

Level Transmitters


temperature level switch catalog

Temp Switches & Thermostats

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Compound Switches


Differential Pressure switch catalog

Differential Pressure Switches


Technical Information

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Pressure Vacuum Switch Installation Guide

Pressure Vacuum Switch Installation Guide [PDF]

Electrical Switch Tables

Electrical Switch Selection Tables

Electrical Interface Options

Electrical Interface Options

Optional Parts

Optional Parts

Pressure Vacuum Switch Customer Spec Form

Pressure/Vacuum Switch Customer Spec Form [PDF]

Pressure Vacuum Switch Selection Guide

Pressure/Vacuum Switch Selection Guide [PDF]

Set Point Adjustment Wiring

Set Point Adjustments and Wiring Instructions

Electrical Interface Wiring Diagrams

Electrical Interface Wiring Diagrams [PDF]

Level Switch Installation Guide (Models L20 L25)

Level Switch Installation Guide (Models L20 L25) [PDF]

Level Switch Installation Guide (Models L10 L40 L45 L60 L65)

Level Switch Installation Guide (Models L10 L40 L45 L60 L65) [PDF]

Level Switch Installation Guide (Models L54 L55)

Level Switch Installation Guide (Models L54 L55) [PDF]

Data & Software Downloads

The Whitman Controls Toughsonic General Purpose and Chem ultrasonic sensor lines measure level and distance through the air using ultrasonic sound waves. They provide fast, reliable non-contact measurements at distances up to 50 feet (15.2 meters). These sensors can be used in liquid level and proximity sensing applications, with the Chem sensors allowing use in more rugged media such as chemicals. 

ToughSonic General Purpose Technical Resources

ToughSonic General Purpose Series User Manual

ToughSonic General Purpose Series User Manual

pressure vacuum online customer specification form

ToughSonic Chem User Manual


WhitmanVIEW Sensor Software

WhitmanVIEW ultrasonic sensor configuration and analysis software is included with every Toughsonic Sensor, giving the end user total control over all sensor features and functions. Calibrate and optimize your sensor with a few keystrokes to yield better understanding and performance of your applications. 

Our sensors can be installed and operated out of the box, but if you desire to make minor adjustments or change your sensor operation, WhitmanView provides the power to do it. 

WhitmanVIEW provides an intuitive, MS windows interface for ease of understanding. Target Symbols, distance data, meter and switch symbols all show proportional, real-time measurements. Help tips are available by placing your mouse over any screen element or parameter.



WhitmanView can be downloaded directly here, or by following the Product Download link under "Additional Resources" on each sensor product page.

Compliance & Certifications

UL Listed UL Listed


We are proud to supply a high-quality pressure switch, vacuum switch, and liquid level switch to customers regardless of their need for customization or order size. After over 40+ years in the commercial switch industry we are proud to back all of our products by a 1 year or million cycle warranty. Though many of our products last beyond this warranty, we will always make sure your part is replaced in a timely and friendly manner. We know that, after all, your business is important to our business. 





Whitman Controls warrants, to the original purchase, except as hereinafter provided, each product sold hereunder which is assembled by it to be free from defects in assembly under normal use and service for the following period:


Pressure, Vacuum, Liquid Level, Temperature, and Delta P Switch Products – For a period of 1 years after shipment thereof or one (1) million cycles, whichever occurs first.


Whitman Controls warranty extends only to products assembled by it and is, to the extent permitted by law, in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose and any prior written or oral representations regarding such products made by Whitman Controls, its employees, agents, or representatives.
Products, or components thereof, supplied by any other party to Whitman Controls which are not assembled by Whitman Controls are covered only by the individual warranty of such party and copies of such warranties will be furnished upon request.
Whitman Controls reserves the right to inspect products claimed defective under warranty either at the Purchaser’s location or at Whitman Controls’s headquarters in Bristol, CT. A defective product is not to be returned to Whitman Controls’s plant unless authorized by Whitman Controls. Products so returned shall be returned to Whitman Controls’s plant, freight prepaid. Any product proving defective due to faulty assembly within the warranty period will be replaced or repaired free of charge, F.O.B. Whitman Controls in Bristol, CT. Whitman Controls assumes no liability for labor charges incidental to the adjustment service, repairing, removal, or replacement of the product or other costs, or for the expense of repairs made outside of its factory except when made pursuant to Whitman Controls’s prior written consent. Whitman Controls, at its option, may ship a replacement or replacements immediately under standard billing and make warranty adjustments after inspection of the defective product by means of credit memorandum.


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