Medical & Pharmaceutical

medical and pharmaceutical

Medical Equipment

From sterilizers to hygienic processing, the industrial cleaning process of medical equipment and clothing requires a high pressure environment to neutralize bacteria and stop the spread of infectious disease. Whitman pressure switches can be used in the highly pressurized drums used to pressurize and clean fabrics and metals for a more safe hospital environment.

Fume Hood

With stringent regulatory controls impacting profits, maintaining a safe operating is your first concern.  From flammable vapors to toxic fumes, your systems demand highly sensitive and accurate low pressure monitoring.  We have the right solutions for your most critical applications.

Isolation & Critical Rooms

Stringent health regulations and patient well-being requires that room pressurization be continuously monitored and controlled. From supply through exhaust air, our instruments assure accuracy and reliability to meet optimum system performance.

Medical & Photographic Instruments

The high speed x-ray film developer is made for use in or near hospital operating rooms. This machine will develop the film in minutes. Two switches are used to control the flow of the chemicals The switches actually sends pressure which in turn signals the machine that the proper flow of fluid is passing through the system.

CO2 Gas Laser

The CO2 gas laser provides micro surgical capability in the treatment of lesions, both by cutting and vaporization. Gynecology  is one of the fields that uses this type of equipment extensively. The j205 is used to monitor gas bottle pressures, allowing the machine to operate only when enough gas pressure is present in the system. The P 117 is used with the H series switch and will not allow the machine to operate until it has attached a certain system vacuum level. in addition to the above application this company also makes laser machines for throat operations and general surgery. Laser type of equipment seems to require both pressure and vacuum to operate.

Gas Monitoring Panels

gas monitoring panels are used primarily in hospitals are medical centers. The panels control three types of gases oxygen, nitrogen oxide, and air. The panel's consist of visual pressure gauges and pressure switches. The pressure switches are used to give an alarm for both High over pressure and low pressure. The switchers are supplied C set. One panel might monitor an operating room or several patients.

Oxygen Concentrators

Oxygen concentrators are primarily for home use, replacing oxygen storage tanks. This machine removes nitrogen from the room resulting in oxygen enriched air to the patient through a face mask. The concentrator provides a steady flow of oxygen at the rate and concentration prescribed by The Physician. The P 119 pressure switch is used to activate a solenoid valve which directs the compressed air to storage tanks.

Electro Medical Therapeutic Apparatus

This unit is generally used in Hospital operating rooms to assist the heart pumping blood, during open heart surgery. A balloon device is inserted in the aortic artery in control to deflate and inflate in tune with the heart. This causes an assist to the blood flow, reducing the load to the heart. The Whitman p 117v is used to control the vacuum side of this device.