OEM Manufacturing

Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) and generalized manufacturing is the among the largest industries which Whitman has served over the years.

Thousands of equipment manufacturers use Whitman parts to ensure the quality and safety of their applications. Spanning process, industrial, and OEM products - Whitman’s uses seem almost endless for the modern Design Engineer who is looking to automate safety shut offs, pressure warnings, or trigger valve flow and regulation. Whitman has been a leader in high quality pressure and vacuum switches for over 40 years, giving you peace of mind when installing our parts for the lifetime of your application.

We are also ISO 9001 certified, meaning our quality management principles focus on customer satisfaction, management motivation and values, and a strict process approach which strives for continual improvement. Asset management relies on an effective monitoring program. The challenge is finding the right switches and controls that meet your operating needs and budget. Whitman understands the vital importance of reliable parts at a great value, which is why our custom built switches are always competitively priced and quality tested. So add a Whitman part to your switches and controls today and you’ll see the value in reduced maintenance and operations expenses over its lifetime of use!

Oil & Gas

The fossil fuel industry is the backbone to the modern economy, and Whitman keeps it operating smoothly.

Oil & gas is still the largest energy producing industry in the United States, making its technology vital to the success of the American economy. With Whitman products you can control and regulate all kinds of environments, under all kinds of conditions. Under harsh pressure or strong vibration - Whitman switches can be counted on to perform and keep the petroleum industry moving, pumping, drilling, or whatever else you do. 

Our parts are custom made and can be tailored to almost any environment for high or low pressure, temperature, or vibration. So if you’re running an offshore drill, you can count on the reliability of full stainless steel parts to stand up to the harshest conditions If you’re monitoring liquid levels in storage tanks and barrels, we can ensure automatic shut-offs and prevent unnecessary compromises of machine integrity or warn of possible leaks.

Alternative Energy

Alternative energy is constantly facing new and interesting application challenges. No matter how cutting edge, Whitman has parts for the job.

Energy is at the heart of everything our society does. Whitman pressure, liquid level, and vacuum switches are the right choice for customers who want long lasting, durable quality controls customized to their specifications. For decades, Whitman have provided energy supplier with the controls they need to keep their plants running. Even in intense, sensitive applications like nuclear energy can use Whitman controls, which are durable up to 275F. They are also vibration, rust, and water resistant with their Whitman Red Seal to keep dust at bay.

Our level sensors are perfect for monitoring heating and cooling tanks in water powered turbines, with single and multi level capacities for your monitoring needs. We offer multiple configurations and shapes to accommodate even the most complicated needs.

Transportation & Vehicles

Transportation Spending in the U.S. logistics and transportation industry totaled $1.48 trillion in 2015; Whitman is a proud piece of the supply chain that goes into everything from rail equipment to agricultural equipment. Harsh environmental conditions, pressure spikes, and high vibration-they can break sensitive instrumentation and put your entire operation in jeopardy. Whitman does everything possible to prevent this as monitoring critical hydraulic, engine, load weighing, and brake system pressures is vital for safety and continued productivity. If you haul materials by rail, carrying heavy products, harvest thousands of pounds of grain, or otherwise push your mode of transportation to maximum performance, you need tough and reliable switches and gauges. We understand that your brand depends on it.

At Whitman, we know the heavy demands and strict industry requirements. Our products stainless steel boys and vibration resistant design can handle any environment, even temperature ranging from -40F to +275F and are water resistant to 1000PSIG of high pressure spray. Our switches additionally can be mounted in any position, to make fitting us into your application easy.


Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning need to be reliable and monitored for building and critical environment safety.
Selecting your new control system for your HVAC system can be difficult and vary greatly from application to application, but whitman provides that gold standard in reliability and condition accommodation. When you’re controlling a critical environment and ensuring safe ventilation, you need a reliable product, and with a Whitman Warranty you know you can count on your product. So if your ventilating a lab or an office building, managing industrial heating or cooling, or adjusting moisture, Whitman products can handle the conditions and be trusted for their performance.

Nationally safer practices are being implemented to improve safety and keep technology on the cutting edge. When you design your HVAC application you want a system that can be counted on to fit and function in a variety of conditions, which is why Whitman promises to offer a variety of quality products for your critical safety operations.

Food & Beverage Processing

The food & beverage industry has a long relationship with Whitman parts, our smooth surface stainless steel parts are both hygenic and durable.

Ensuring that levels never reach a critical low is easy with an automatic shut off relay through our control systems. Never damage your equipment again with our controls and sensors ensuring liquids don’t boil over or run too low. With near zero pressure sensitivity we can also ensure your applications don’t over or under pressurize, keeping wear and tear at a minimum. Our liquid level sensors have been used in the processing of alcohol and dairy for over 40 years and can be relied on when it counts the most.

Whitman products can be used in extreme conditions, from heat and cold to acidic and basic. So no matter what you process, you can count on Whitman products to get the job done. Ensure your process run smoothly and don’t disrupt standardized processes.

Medical & Pharmaceutical

Whitman cares about the safety of the people who rely on our products, so we take extra care to ensure your equipment is safe when you’re using ours.

From sterile environments to medical lasers and analytical instruments, we offer an extensive catalog of level, pressure, and vacuum sensors, as well as miniature switches and customized products to suit every medical application. We’re want to protect patient safety and prevent medical equipments from overheating and ensure the most hygienic environment possible with our antimicrobial stainless steel. Our switches can be used to monitor the air pressure of critical environments and the pressure of diagnostic machinery and medical equipment.

If you need further advisement, our engineering department can guide you through product selection and help you devise a fully customized product ready to ship in less than two weeks. Our ISO certified and USA made products promise you a high quality and reasonably priced product.

Water & Wastewater

Life on Earth cannot exist without water; and water treatment can’t exist without Whitman Controls.

We all depend on water, for a healthy and safe community and a thriving economy. Every time you turn on a tap, hose, or other water source there is a dependency on there being a consistent and clean flow. Everything from filtration, pressure, and liquid level all require precise, continuous monitoring and controls. By the same token, instrumentation must overcome corrosion solids, vibration and other environmental challenges to constantly provide accurate information and prevent shutdown or dangerous conditions.

At Whitman, we understand that safe and reliable process operation is critical. Our wetted materials, welded bodies, and patented Red Seal all protect our switches against concentrated fluoride, chlorine, ozone, and dozens of other aggressive mediums. Additionally, Whitman liquid level sensors are ideal for water tower measurement.

Military & Defense

We know understand the rigor of Military applications not just because of our long history serving it, but because it’s a background we share.

As a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business, we believe in applying the same principles of military service to our everyday practices; tireless dedication, rigorous standards of quality, and faithfulness to our values and customers. Whitman Controls specializes in the manufacture of miniature pressure, vacuum, temperature, and liquid level switches. The company prides itself on the diversity and quality of its product offering, proven by its ISO 9001 certification and the industry leadership position the firm has held for over 40 years.

Finding the right switches and controls that meet your operating needs and budget is a challenge, but Whitman understands the vital importance of reliable parts at a great valu. That’s why our custom built switches are always competitively priced and quality tested. So add a Whitman part to your switches and controls today and you’ll see the value in reduced maintenance and operations expenses over its lifetime of use!

Maritime & Boating

Providing quality, durable, and dependable Liquid Level Sensors and Controls for the marine industry is a proud capacity of Whitman production.

Whitman manufactures several products for the Marine Industry. There are numerous applications where a float switch is needed, not only on board ships and boats but the marinas and harbors too. Level indication, high level alarms, bilge level,  pump and valve control are just a few of the applications where a float switch or liquid level sensor is necessary. These sensors and controls can be found in bulk storage tanks, waste water tanks,gray water, black water, potable water, and diesel fuel tanks.

The sensors we manufacturer are built tough to withstand the harsh marine conditions. We offer high grade 316 stainless steel floats,fittings, flanges, and tubing. These components are fusion welded and built to last. For many of the fuel and oil tanks we offer rugged and dependable Buna closed cell foam rubber floats, even if these floats were to chip or dent they will still continue to perform perfectly. Buna floats are extremely buoyant and work best with fuels and oils..


Chemical monitoring requires precise monitoring, from pressure to level, in order to keep operations and staff safe.

Reliable equipment is essential to maintaining high quality and maximum production, as well as environmental and personal safety. At Whitman, we know that harsh operating conditions in any chemical plant can jeopardize these basic requirements. That's why our technical team will evaluate your unique application and offer expert advice to ensure that you get the right instrument.

We're familiar with your challenges, especially with managing aggressive and abrasive media. With a variety of wetted materials available, our instruments can be configured with compatible wetted parts or fitted with diaphragm seals to resist corrosive processes. You can be assured that you'll be installing a trustworthy component into your system.

Pulp & Paper

Even in a digital age, paper plays an important role. With our durable pressure instrumentation, we'll keep any mill running at optimum capacity.

Production means revenue, efficient processes mean profit. We'll do our part so you can have both. We understand the unique hazards of measuring the pressure of caustic chemicals, and the safety requirements established to protect operators and equipment. In the constant search for process improvements, Whitman is a great place to start.

With a choice of robust wetted materials, our pressure switches and gauges can directly monitor a variety of challenging media. In extreme conditions, diaphragm seals will ensure compatibility with black liquor and other harsh chemicals, while our isolation rings make it possible for slurries to pass through pipelines without fouling the pressure measuring instruments. With these devices in place, down-time due to corrosion and clogging can be quickly eliminated.

Metals & Minerals

Mining and mineral extraction and processing

At Whitman, our focus is to protect lives and livelihoods by producing specialized products to counter the hazards that you face every day. With years of experience in critical applications, our reputation for safe, rugged and reliable pressure instruments has been earned one customer at a time.

Our experience with hazardous environments and destructive processes has led to purpose-built pressure instruments for installations where interaction with explosive gases or corrosive media is routine. Even the pressure of slurries that will likely clog a gauge or switch can be easily measured through an isolation ring, ensuring an uninterrupted process flow along with continuously accurate measurements.