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Our temperature switches and thermostats are ideal for applications where the end user is looking for highly accurate control across a wide range of operating temperatures. These industrial temperature sensors are adjustable and highly responsive, affording use across a number of OEM processes. Contact our engineering department at [email protected] to discuss your project today.


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  1. TP Series Economical Stainless Steel Temperature Probe Switch

    TP Series Economical Stainless Steel Temperature Probe Switch


    Part # TP

    The Whitman Controls TP Series Economical Stainless Steel Temperature Probe Switches are a creep action thermostat/thermal protector switch providing almost no differential between opening and closing temperatures. The switch is designed for use from 50˚F to 250˚F in 25˚F increments with a +/-5˚F tolerance. Special temperature ranges and configurations are available for OEM customers. The probe length is .625" standard, but lengths from 0.0" to 3" (or longer) can be offered on a custom basis. These switches are available wired Normally Closed or Normally Open on increasing temperature. The stainless steel wetted material affords use in any number of processes from medical to food processing, to oil baths and refrigeration. These switches come standard with 1/2" NPT Male threads, and additional fittings including 1/4" NPT, 3/8" NPT, 3/4" NPT, 1/2" BSPP and many others are available upon request. This is a highly customizable unit with use across a number of OEM applications.

    Please reach out to our engineering team if you have a custom request and we would be happy to design a unit to meet your exact specifications.

    Key Features:

    • 316 Stainless Steel
    • Extensive temperature operating range with custom setpoints for OEM customers
    • Will withstand over-temperatures without affecting life of switch


    • Temperature Setpoints: 50˚F to 250˚F in 25˚F increments (Custom setpoints available)
    • Probe Length: .625" Standard, with custom lengths available on request
    • Fitting: 1/2" NPTM Standard, with custom fittings available on request
    • Wire Length: 36" Standard, with custom lengths available
    • External Electrical Connection: Numerous options are available including terminal blades, Weather Metri-Pack, Deutsch and many others
    • Max System Pressure: 1,000 PSIG
    • Wetted Parts: 316L Stainless Steel
    • Non-Wetted Parts: Red epoxy, sealed to meet NEMA 6
    • Electrical Ratings:
      • For 3/8" NPTM & 1/2" NPTM Fittings:
        • 6A at 120VAC
        • 4A at 240VAC
        • 8A at 12 VDC
        • 2A at 24VDC
      • For 1/4" NPTM Fittings:
        • 2.6A at 120VAC
        • 8A at 12VDC
        • 4A at 24VDC
  2. T150D Temperature Switch

    T150D Temperature Switch


    Part # T150D

    The T150D Adjustable Stainless Steel Miniature Temperature Switches provide the end-user with a wide range of functionality without impacting durability. The T150 is designed for use up to 510°F but can withstand temperatures up to 800°F while still protecting the set point and life of the switch. The limit filled, saturated vapor sensor is in direct contact with the temperature-sensing outer shell producing fast response and accurate temperature control. The external setting scale provides full range adjustment and the external lock screw allows for easy adjustment of set point. 

    • Set Point Temperature Range: -45°F to +510°F in 25° Increments (-43°C to +266°C), 230°F / 110℃ in oil
    • Max System Temperature: 800°F (427°C)
    • Max System Pressure: 1,000 PSIG 
    • Switch Body Ambient Temperature Range: -65°F to 225°F (-54°C to 107°C)
    • Wetted Materials: 316L Stainless Steel
  3. T3 Capillary Thermostat

    T3 Capillary Thermostat


    Part # T3

    The T3 Economical Stainless Steel Thermostat has grown in popularity given its versatility, with use across any number of applications. It is a capillary bulb thermostat, with 39” capillary tubes, and stainless steel wetted material. These are SPDT devices rated to 10 Amps. These switches are frequently used in the medical field and food processing, specifically to control the temperature of foods and various enclosures such as chicken coops. They can be panel mounted and used in O.E.M and other various one-off applications.

    • Temperature Range: +30°F to +190°F (-1°C to 88°C)
    • Amps: 10 Amp rated
    • Max System Pressure: 1,000 PSIG 
    • Wetted Materials: 316 Stainless Steel
  4. L10 - Vertical Brass/Buna Temp Level Switch

    L10 - Vertical Brass/Buna Temp Level Switch


    Part # L10

    The L10 Series Vertical Mount Brass Buna Temperature-Level Switches are highly versatile, providing the end-user the ability to control both temperature and liquid level within an application. The buna float can be used in numerous liquids and can survive up to 230℉ in oil. The internal thermostats are available from 100℉ to 225℉ in 25℉ increments, with special temperatures available for O.E.M. customers. 

    • Minimum Liquid Specific Gravity: 0.75 
    • Liquid Temperature Range: -40℉ to +180℉ (-40℉ to +225℉ in oil)
    • Temperature Settings: +100℉ to +225℉ in 25℉ increments
    • Max System Pressure: 160 PSIG
    • Wetted Materials: Brass stem, buna float

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