Whitman Controls: American Made, Veteran Owned

Whitman Controls: American Made, Veteran Owned

Whitman Controls has a long and proud history of use within Military and Military grade applications and for over 40 years has been serving the United States as a premium supplier of all manner of high quality pressure switches, vacuum switches, temperature switches, and liquid level switches. Our product is stainless steel, acid resistant, and durable under intense shock and vibration, all while remaining under a price point which is usually reserved for a far inferior product.

Our products have been purchased and independently tested and verified by the military for use in their applications for many Navy and other marine uses. This helps keep our costs lower while still supplying a product capable of meeting the rigorous standards of use required by military end-users.

As for applications, our miniature design excels in even the smallest of spaces to measure differential pressure in fuel and oil lines. In more advanced pneumatic pressure situations, we can monitor output pressure, and we offer a complimentary line of pressure gauges to complete your system monitoring. We can also be used in to monitor hydraulic filters using differential pressure, or the liquid level of your system’s reservoir using our liquid level switches, which come in a variety of standard or completely custom configurations.

With over 12 different options and possible configurations to each product, every switch can be custom-assembled online to your exact specifications. The end-user can select from a wide range of electrical interfaces, fittings, body materials, amp ratings, wire gauges, adaptors, contact selection, and calibration among many other options. Additionally, almost all of our products are suitable for harsh environments, are fireproof, and have fully stainless steel welded bodies. We also have developed a unique hermetically sealed interface, using our patented Red Seal technology, to ensure resistance to sand, dust, icing, humidity and salt fog.

Why do we care so much? Not only is Whitman a proudly American made and American owned small business, but it has recently transitioned ownership to a United States Service-Disabled Veteran and his brother, a former investment banker at JP Morgan Chase. As a now Veteran-Owned business, the production of the highest quality industrial-grade customizable pressure, vacuum, temperature, and liquid level switches, which so many men and women of the United States Armed Forces rely on, is not only a professional choice - but a personal one as well.