Optional Electrical Interfaces

Available for Models

P100, P117, P119, J205, P605, J705 and W117


Standard solder type terminals also accept AMP 60789-2 and 60598-4 Pin Receptacles


Three flat bar terminals with #6-32 pan head screws at right angle


3 standard 1/4” terminals accept arc-less (or equal) female quick connect terminals


DIN Male Plug "F" Set Only Except "C", "K" & "F" Set on P605 Series Units

DN Pin-out:

  • 1 = Common
  • 2 = N/C
  • 3 = N/O
  • Other Pin-outs on request

For L and U Electrical Interfaces

2 or 3 wire pigtail furnished in 12” length Standard-supplied #20 AWG Insulated with polyvinyl chloride – 300 volts.


  • Black – Common
  • White – N.O.
  • Red – N.C.

"M" Interface Quick-Disconnect 3-Pin Connector

This interface is rated as environmentally resisting. It is intended for use where the connector will be subjected to heavy condensation and rapid changes in environmental temperature or pressure. This connector is equivalent to MS3102E-10SL-3P. Applicable to models shown below only.

"M" Interface

P117, J705, J205, P605 "F" Set Only Except "C" "K" and "F" Set on P605


Connectors – All Models With "M" Interface

Interface Options

Optional Electrical Interfaces Available for Model P88


1/4" (TB) Blade terminals UL Recognized CSA Listed


Screw Terminal UL Listed (except 25 amp) CSA Listed