Whitman Value

Whitman Value, Experience And Knowledge That's Invaluable.

Whitman Controls directs its years of design and manufacturing experience toward providing value-added services to our customers. These services can help you lower costs and increase efficiency. Our exceptional mechanical abilities allow us to perform additional assemblies and deliver more complete tested systems and subassemblies.

Liquid Level Advantages

You'll Flip.
Did you know that Whitman's multi-station level switches can be field modified for the switch operation? Through a unique gripring groove in the stem, you can remove the floats in the field and invert them to change your switch operation from normally open to normally closed or vice versa. The grooved stem assures proper replacement of the floats and the float stops (griprings).

Stainless Steel Only, Please.

Whitman's multi-station level switches are available with stainless steel stems only, and for good reason. We want to offer you the best material at the most competitive price. And by stocking only one material, we can maximize our inventory and manufacturing processes and pass these savings on to you. Our floats are available in both SS and Buna N.

Liquid Level Multi-Station Switches Offer 50 VA At No Additional Charge.

Our multi-station switches offer standard 50 VA switches at no extra charge. A very valuable advantage that gives you added flexibility.

At One End, Teflon Tape Improves Quality Automatically.

Whitman can automatically apply teflon tape on all switches with male threaded parts.

This assures that each switch is properly positioned to prevent shredding of material into the system. It also eliminates the possibility of reverse wrapping and insures the tape follows the thread contour down to the root.

Automated wrapping is done at a consistnet proper tension resulting in a firm and a permanent bond that will not unwrap during handling or storage and the wrapped fittings have an unlimited shelf life.

Preapplied Sealants Provide Positive Sealing And Resistance To Vibrational Loosening.

Whitman Controls automatically applies Vibra-Seal® to pipe threads for improved reliability. Preapplied Vibra-Seal® seals pipe threads for immediate use. It can be easily seen and inspected, and does not contaminate from shredding and washout.

Vibra-Seal® also provides librication for assemby and can be reused up to 5 times. It also inhibits corrosion, and seals most fluids at temperatures from -65°F to +300°F. It is inexpensively applied by high speed equipment and can be shipped on parts for field service.

At The Other End, Whitman Can Handle Wire Harness Assemblies Too.

As a UL and CSA approved harness assembly house, Whitman can do your next level of assembly. With our capabilities we can provide "value-added" benefits top to bottom. Whitman can guarantee leak free subassemblies and can handle a wide variety of switch mounts in customer designed systems. From T's to elbows, we will purchase and assemble parts and switches to your specifications.

And we can do it at a price that will usually save you money. Call us today and we will give you a quotation on your assembly project.

Quality products and a commitment to superior service. Together they add up to Whitman Value.