Industries Served


Quality, accuracy and reliability is in everything we build. When it comes to what you build, you need parts that will not fail you. In fact, our parts protect you. Switches can be set to alert you or shut down equipment due to loss of lubrication, poor filtration or overheating, etc. Whitman offers a complete line of pressure, vacuum, liquid level and temperature switches to monitor and control many varieties of manufacturing equipment.

  • Liquid level management
  • Factory automation equipment
  • pump & compressor monitoring
  • machines-tools
  • hydraulic systems
  • pneumatic systems

Oil & Gas

We all know the great importance that gas and oil holds in our everyday lives. Whether it is fueling your vehicle or heating your home it is a huge priority to make sure all aspects are accurately monitored. Whitman works with clients incorporating our precision switches into important pressure and level sensing equipment in the oil and gas industry. Our precision switches are designed to keep all systems properly functioning within set specifications. Our engineers will work with you to help identify which is the best solution for your switch or liquid level measurement needs.

  • Oil and gas holding tank level monitoring
  • Triggering pressure or level warning indicators for equipment

Specialty Vehicles

Whitman’s switches can be found on many vehicles, ATVs, buggies, farm equipment, etc. They can provide crucial information such as monitoring fuel level in the tank or how much oil or coolant is in the reservoir. Our products come in many different configurations, materials and sizes to accommodate most all applications where pressure, level, flow or temperature is in need of monitoring.

  • Build materials include stainless steel, brass, polypropylene, Buna and Kynar.
  • Multiple mounting options, vertical mount, side mount (bent stem), multi-station level.
  • Customer determined set points or popular combinations ready to ship same day.

HVAC & Boilers

Keeping all aspects of your heating and cooling system operating at peak operating efficiency means more money in your pocket! Our switches provide communication within the system to prevent poor operating conditions which can lead to premature failure. Our switches can monitor for overflow conditions, signal for auto shutoff of the compressor, trigger high or low level alarms or command features such as an automatic water feeder to prevent damage to the unit or surrounding area.

Water & Wastewater

Water, one of the most important things we use every single day. With millions of gallons traveling through pipes every minute all over the world it must be closely and accurately monitored. Pressure, flow, volume and level are some of the most important aspects to focus on at water treatment/recycling facilities. Our parts are designed for this type of environment where moisture is unavoidable. Whitman incorporates red seal technology to guarantee water resistance that exceeds the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) standards.

Food Processing

Whitman Controls has been filling the needs of the food and beverage industry for over 50 years. Our products are used commonly to address complex issues with a simple solution. You can find our liquid level switches in restaurant kitchen equipment as well as food and beverage manufacturing facilities all over the world. Our switches can save you time and money by offering you protection and peace of mind. Common uses would be to trigger high or low level alarms, control pumps, valves and offer overflow protection for holding tanks, deep fryers, ice machines, brewing vessels and other equipment where accurate and reliable liquid level measurement and management is of top priority. The National Sanitation Foundation has approved our line of liquid level switches for use in food, food handling, potable water, beverage dispensing and sanitary system components and equipment.